Monday, December 12, 2005

Culture of Lies

Culture of Lies

I suppose that we can’t blame The Thief in Chief for being such a liar.  After all the economy is pretty much based on lies.  I wouldn’t even begin to try to count all the TV ads that offer stuff for free, that will cost you at least $7.95 shipping and handling.  

Sweetie showed me an ad yesterday offering purses from a local purse emporium with prices ranging from 3 to 7 and ½ grand.  Holy buckets of bullshit Batman!  You are going to tell me that a sane woman is going to shell out $7,500 for something to carry her old gum wrappers in?  That’s right they will, and they will stand in line to do it if they have to.  They fell for the lie that gum wrapper toting devices can be worth 3,750 days of labor from one of the bottom 3,000,000,000 wage earners on the earth.

Then there is that ad that shows the pretty woman being overwhelmed by the love of her honey because he delivered her three pieces of crystallized carbon via snowplow.  That’s a lie, but you can bet that guys and gals in TV land will fall for it.  And they have to fall for it, because if they don’t we will all be in the bread line.

Do you like having your living mostly based on lies?  I don’t. It makes me feel queasy. Something between .8 and 1 trillion dollars worth of business happens each and every day in the world. 20% of this business is about actual goods and services the rest is financial smoke and mirrors.*  But it is worse then that, cause much of the tangible business is about crap, like crystals of carbon to prove your love, or tickets to football games. (Yes, I already know that crap is in the eye of the beholder.)

You know how your Grandpappy always told you not to buy a bill of goods or take any wooden nickels?  Well we do it every day.  So it wouldn’t do to fault Mr. Bush for handing out wooden nickels as if they were the real McCoy.  Christ you know it ain’t easy, he’s only trying to get a piece of our stupidity.

* When Corporations Rule the World (p.181)


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