Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Chef says "Feh" to Religion

In a Readers Write report at Alternet a reader responded to Jews say, “Feh” to Darwin with this:

"Your question, 'Who knows were we might be today but for the stultifying effect off religion???' implies that it is religion that has been the root of all evil. Indeed, much evil has come from that quarter. But removal of the influence of organized religion did not make for particularly free or progressive societies in the USSR under Stalin, in the PRC under Mao or in DPRK under Kim Il Sung & Kim Jong Il. Notwithstanding removal of religion's 'stultifying effects' under these regimes, 'ignorance,' along with other evils, managed nevertheless to 'proliferate.'"

People should know that the communists in these countries were not TrueAtheists™. It is unfortunate that TrueAtheists™, such as myself, tend to be painted with the evil communist brush even by non-members of the fundamental Fire Baptized Church of the Gory Death Guided by the Unerring King James Bible with Schofield Notes Baptist Central Southern Convention. Even Islamists think that TrueAtheists™ have to be extra evil people. After all, people that don’t have some heavenly thug to scare the shit out of them will probably torture people, unlike TrueChristians™ like ummm… oh like George Bush.

Well it is true that evil communists like the Kims will torture people unlike the TrueChristian™ George Bush. It is not true that they are TrueAtheists™. While it is true they profess not to have a god, communists are not without religion. You don’t really need to have a God to have a religion. All that is needed is a TrueDoctrine™. Communism is/was distilled religion, everything boiled away leaving only TrueDoctrine™. And just like religion anywhere Communism protected TrueDoctrine™ by being mean to people. Communists just noticed that you don’t really need a god to be mean to people. What The Reader didn’t notice was that Communism didn’t get rid of organized religion, it only got rid of a God to go with the religion.* That means that at least within recorded history, no society has yet tried to live without organized religion.

I agree the Reader’s implication that religion is not the root of all evil. Religion is only the medium in which the roots of evil grow best. The notion that humans are on the top of the heap of life, accompanied by the notion that some particular humans are on the top of the heap of humans is the root of evil. Religion is fertile soil in which the root of evil grows. A TrueAtheist™ is not just godless, but also religionless in hopes that evil will die from lack of nourishment.

*Let’s note here that while Communism did get rid of gods it didn’t get rid of Saints.


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