Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My Mama vs Bush's Mama

A Constitutional Crisis: "The former vice president warns us what can happen without congressional oversight over a defiant White House."

The White House spin on Mr. Gore’s charges against Bush’s felony spying on Americans is that Clinton’s FBI raided Aldrich Ames’ house without a warrant.  When my mama stopped me from doing a bad thing, I would sometimes say, “well Billy did it”!  Mama would say, “if Billy jumped off the bridge would you?”  My mama is smarter than the nitwits in the White house.  If Clinton did a bad thing, how does that excuse Bush for the same bad thing x 1010 ?  Since John Dillinger robbed banks, I can too? What kind of basic sense does that make? I guess maybe Bush’s mama was too busy doing some society thing to tell George about Billy and the bridge.

I have 2 questions: Do you suppose that one of these days we could have a grownup in the White House?  Why is it illegal to slap that cute chimp smirk off Bush’s face like his mama should have done 50 years back.


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