Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Senator McCain,

Before I get started I want to inform you that I too was a volunteer combat veteran of the Vietnam war. I joined because I thought the United States was worth defending. I have since been deeply disappointed in discovering that the Vietnamese presented no threat to the United States and discovering that we were in no way interested in allowing the Vietnamese to determine their own destiny as a nation. I had hope that one thing would come from that criminal endeavor that we as a nation would not repeat that mistake again. Then came the present war and the again criminal behavior of the government I was once sworn to defend. I’m angry about these things and I’m not sure if you can figure out why. I’m only telling you these things because the tone of this letter will perhaps show you a bit of disrespect in spite of your high office.

I’m not a constituent of yours, but I once admired you as a conservative. There was a time when I would have voted for you for President, and I suppose even now that you would have made a better one then the fool we have now. I’m just a little bit miffed that I fell for your PR. I suppose that I should be grateful that events since 2000 have revealed you as a neo-con butt licker rather than a standup Republican maverick. At least I’ll know not to vote for you should you get a nomination. Ordinarily I wouldn’t bother to tell you this, since you won’t pay attention a backwoods hick like myself anyway. However, a couple of recent things have gotten me stirred up a bit more than usual, and therefore I’m writing so as to get it out of my head for a better nights sleep.

During the hearing of Robert Gates you asked the Doctor, “What do we say to the families of those young people who died in the first and second battle of Fallujah when we abandon it to terrorist organizations again?” To me this question reveals the intense dishonesty of this government, dishonesty in which you yourself have participated in. The proper answer is these young people died over the criminal lies, arrogance and stupidity of the present administration aided and abetted by an congress full of ass kissing Republicans and cowardly Democrats. I don’t really expect you to tell the truth of the matter, but I just wanted you to know that at least one old soldier sees though the façade of caring for the troops that your question implies. If you did care you would be leading the effort to bring Bush and Company before Senate to be tried for their high crimes and misdemeanors to be removed from office and sent before ICC for their war crimes. Maybe you could tell the families of these dead and of the maimed that you will seek justice for them not to mention justice for the Iraqis themselves. Nothing less than this can any longer be construed as “support for the troops” at least by this troop.

The next matter concerns your drafting of the "Stop the Online Exploitation of Our Children Act". I don’t know if Senators really believe their own BS or not. I suspect not, but in case you do, I wish to inform you that you are only fooling yourself with this latest bit of bogus concern for children. If you were concerned with the health and safety of children you would be drafting a bill providing all of them with health care as children in any other civilized nation and even Cuba have. This bill is just another smoke screen designed to win a few family values hearts, while getting another angle on shushing the internet to protect government’s and politician’s shameful secrets. I just want you to know that quite a few Americans see through your smoke – not that you care.

Because I pretty sure you won’t bother to respond I’m going to make this an open letter. At least that will get some response even if only hate mail from the 30% of Americans that still don’t get it.

Well here’s hoping that Diebold is unable to win your next election for you.


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