Sunday, December 18, 2005

Poison a Baby for Christmas

Ok Christians, what in the name of your “all good” God is going on?

Y’all* wanted a man of God like George W. Bush in power so that you could make abortion illegal for those unfortunate women that can’t afford to go to some foreign and enlightened country to exercise their right to privacy.

Yet this same man of God is having his EPA ok testing pesticides on children as long as they are:

  • Neglected or abused. No adult consent needed.

  • Mentally handicapped or orphaned

  • Belong to some other country

So why haven’t we heard any of this from the pulpit?  Why isn’t O’Reilly making a stink about this instead of Happy Holiday’s?  How about Farwell, Robertson, and Dobson; where are they?  What about your own preacher?  Do you really want to make sure the poor have babies so that they can be poisoned – slowly?  You can’t find any scripture that prohibits abortion, yet you can find plenty of scripture that tell you to take care of the already born or else. (Mathew 25:31-46)  I’m telling you that if this God is real you’re in trouble.  Y’all seem to be worried about God getting mad, so I don’t understand why y’all aren’t hopping mad about this or about babies getting bombed in Iraq.

*Yes I know this isn’t entirely fair I know plenty of Christians that would throw Bush’s ass in the slammer where belongs if they had the chance.  I’m talking to those who actually think/thought Bush is a Godly man.


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