Thursday, December 22, 2005

I'm a Scum Sucking Godless Liberal

Well poke me in the eye with a sharp stick!  A recent study done in the polisci department of UCLA, by Tim Groseclose and Jeffrey Milyo

…show[s] a strong liberal bias: all of the news
outlets we examine, except Fox News’ Special Report and the Washington Times, received scores to the left of the average member of Congress. Consistent with claims made by conservative critics, CBS Evening News and the New York Times received scores far to the left of center. The most centrist media outlets were PBS NewsHour, CNN’s Newsnight, and ABC’s Good Morning America; among print outlets, USAToday was closest to the center. All of our findings refer strictly to news content; that is, we exclude editorials, letters, and the like.

From my point of view, the media are all right wing wackos.  Well ok only Fox has actual wackos.  It is kind of a shock to find out that I must be so left wing that the Liberal Media look like Rush Limbaugh’s lap dogs to me.  I can’t figure out if this is good news or not.

On one hand, it turns out that the government is letting Corporate kings out of their obligations to pay the pensions that they promised their employees, while at the same time make sure that you have to pay off your Christmas shopping  spree next summer even if some catastrophic illness in your family makes you extremely short of funds.  You can just go ahead and sell your house and car to pay for it.  Don’t bitch walk to work, if you still have a job. At least congressmen will have a pension to supplement their meager bribe income, and they only have to work one term to get it.  So you see the way to have a pension is to get elected.

You would think that this little disparity would be big time news in a left wing media.  This is left wing media hay.  

On the other hand it is said the Media sell the news that people want to hear.  Does that mean that the silent majority is liberal and ready to break out in rebellion against the thieves in Washington?


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